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Larry Souza
November 2011

Larry Souza retired from the public school system, after 40 years, in the summer of 2007. During his career he taught a variety of classes from English to Multicultural Health for nursing students and also served at the Administrative level as an Athletic Director, Counselor and Vice Principal. But he is mostly known for his successful careers at North Monterey County High School and Hartnell College as the Head Football Coach. In 2008-2010 he was the Head Coach for the Salinas Spartans, a minor league team, and led them to the Northern California Championship. He has also, since retiring, become a member of the Court of Master Sommeliers Level 1 with a great interest in wine. He'll be speaking on the topic: football is not a matter of life or death – it's much greater than that.


Dr. Melanie Franke, PD, DPT
October 2011

Dr. Melanie Franke is a Physical Therapist at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, located at the new Peninsula Wellness Center in Marina, CA. She completed her Master of Science in Physical Therapy at UW-La Crosse, graduating in 2005. She worked for a rural hospital in Wisconsin, as well as a large Mayo-affiliated hospital. Melanie specializes in Vestibular dysfunctions (vertigo/dizziness and imbalance disorders) and attended Emory University in Atlanta to become Herdman-certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation in 2006. She decided to further her education and attained her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at St. Catherine University in Minneapolis, MN, in 2010. She moved to Monterey, CA, in January 2011. Dr. Franke works with patients across the lifespan with a variety of diagnoses, specializing in balance and vertigo/dizziness. In her free-time, she enjoys running and hiking, and exploring all California has to offer.


Irv Bender
August 2011

Our one and only Irv Bender will be the guest speaker for August. Associated with the home furnishing industry for 30 years, Irv directed world wide seminars for the Success Motivation Institute on personal growth and development. Mr. Bender has trained thousands of sales persons and executives in the "how to" of selling that can best be described as "state of the art." His dynamic approach to selling and leadership has made him a much sought after speaker and trainer at sales rallies and seminars throughout the country. Irv's belief that "selling is a learned art" can transform you from mediocrity to superiority.


Fred LaCrosse
July 2011

Fred LaCosse is a former San Francisco TV broadcaster. Fred was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana. He received an BA from Wabash College in Liberal Arts, and an MA from Northwestern University, concentrating in Television in its Speech & Communications Department. Following two years in the Army, Fred came west to San Jose and moved up through the ranks in television production at KNTV as a floor director, director, production manager and announcer. He then moved into television news where he was a reporter, producer, anchor and news director. He was the evening anchor at KNTV in the early ‘70s and at KRON-TV San Francisco from 1973 to 1980. Fred co-hosted the daily talk show “AM-San Francisco” in the ‘80s on KGO-TV with his wife Terry Lowry. He completed his on-air career as the anchor of “Silicon Valley Business This Week” from 1995 to 2001. He feels blessed to have met and interviewed many of America’s most notable personalities of the 20th century.

For 20 years, Fred owned and operated his own business, LaCosse Productions, producing corporate videos and conducting news media training seminars for CEOs and other spokespersons. Six years ago he became concerned over the shallow American history lessons that his granddaughters were receiving in school. So, he spent three years in research and developed a presentation that informs Americans about the founding of America. Fred carries on conversations with many of our Founding Fathers: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Sam Adams, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine, John Adams and his wife Abigail. Together, they tell the story of that incredible period in American history [1763 to 1789] when our Founding Fathers came together sharing their passion for liberty, won a revolution and created a government that works better than any government in history to protect individual rights and to prevent tyranny. They also define the responsibilities we 21st century Americans have to nurture, sustain and protect our American freedoms. Fred’s presentation is titled “Your American Freedoms: Protect Them or Lose Them.”


Bruce Adams
May 2011

Bruce Adams (Bruce Adams son) has served as Vice President and COO for the Central Coast Federal Credit Union for the past 6 years. With a career that has spanned more than 25 years in Financial Services, Bruce has had the opportunity to serve a Fortune 500 company, a small start-up company, controller of a $2 billion financial services company, and lead a corporate turn around team. A 1984 graduate of Hartnell College and having earned his Bachelors Degree in Accounting from California State University, Sacramento Bruce has carried with him a deep commitment to the entire Monterey County region. Bruce is also a proud father of three beautiful daughters.

In the community, Bruce has served on the Hartnell College Foundation for the past three years where he currently serves as Chairman of the Hartnell Athletics Committee, served two years on the Salinas Rotary Board of Directors, Salinas Valley Wine and Food Festival Committee, and served five years on the CSUMB “Have a Heart for Students” scholarship committee. Bruce has proudly served on the board of directors and executive board of the California International Airshow for the past 7 years, and has been selected the new Executive Director of the California International Air-show in 2011 and will proudly represent one of the finest Air-show’s in North America.


Johan Jongens
April 2011

Our own Johan Jongens will give us a brief history of his life from the time he was born in Medan, capital ofSumatra in 1926 to the present. Johan had to experience the brutality of the Japanese internment camps during World War II and will tell us of his schooling and work experiences from Sumatra to Holland to Seattle, Washington to Crocket and finally to Salinas.


Jeff Munks
March 2011

Jeff Munks has had successful careers in both the public and private sectors. Past chapters in his life include the boot-strap start up of what would become a global industry, pioneering new directions in the nascent stages of the eLearning industry, crafting a strategy to change the leadership culture of the United States Navy, and inspiring the development of a Web portal in China that has become one of the most active and influential forces for education reform in the world. Along with his achievements in business, government, and education, Jeff is an award winning speaker, a veteran facilitator, and executive coach. He has an extensive background in strategic planning and execution, and service-quality initiatives.

Jeff has become a passionate advocate for The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at California State University Monterey Bay (OLLI@CSUMB) and what it represents in terms of enriching the lives of people aged 50 and better. Jeff will share information on how and why OLLI@CSUMB came into being and how it has evolved to reflect the interests of its members.

Bob Gray
February 2011

Bob Gray is the President and CEO, California Agricultural Leadership Foundation. Bob spent 29 years with the Duda Company and headed the largest subsidiary of the corporation, serving as CEO of Duda Farm Fresh Foods, lnc., before coming to Ag Leadership in 2009. He has been a member of many industry and civic organizations and served as the 73rd Chairman of the Grower Shipper Association of Central California (Salinas, CA) in 2OO3-20O4, and was the 83rd Chairman of the Western Growers Association (lrvine, CA, 2007-2008). He currently serves on the Technical Committee of the Center for Produce Safety, affiliated with the University of California at Davis. He holds a B.A. with highest distinction from the University of Arizona (1971) and an Honours M.A. from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland {1973) where he was a British Marshall Scholar. Bob will be speaking on the Agricultural Leadership Program.


Jack Roberts
(Clyde “Upside-Down Pangborn)

January 2011

Clyde Edward "Upside-Down" Pangborn made crowds gasp when he performed his daring aerial stunts during the Roaring Twenties. He was among the period's finest aerial showmen. As his nickname suggests, he was anything but a conventional pilot, and people loved him for it. But Pangborn was much more than an entertainer. In 1931, he and a fellow aviator set a world record when they became the first people to fly nonstop from Japan to the United States. Pangborn also served as a test pilot in his later years. During his career, Pangborn not only knew the thrill of entertaining crowds and establishing records, but also the painstaking process of thoroughly testing a plane and making it safe for other pilots to fly.

Clyde is Jack Roberts's grandfather's first cousin. His 1931 flight across the Pacific has always been large Jack's life. Jack will tell that story along with an eight minute video including the belly landing at the end of the flight. He will describe the building of a replica of his plane, "Miss Veedol" which we have had at Watsonville Air Show twice. Jack flew it to St. John's Newfoundland in 2005 and on November 11, 2010, it will be heading to Japan for 14 months.

Jack is a retired aerospace engineer having worked in the USAF Blue Cube in Sunnyvale for almost 40 years.


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