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Dr. Ralph Keill
November 2012

Dr. Ralph Keill graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a BA in 1960, and from University of Nebraska College of Medicine with an MD in 1963. He interned at Naval Hospital, Jacksonville, FL. Dr. Keill graduated from US Navy School of Aviation Medicine in Pensacola, FL in 1965, and became a Naval Flight Surgeon. He served in the Navy from1963-68 and was based at NAS Miramar, San Diego, and on the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea making a cruise to Vietnam in 1966-67. He has 200 hours in the back seat of an F-4 Phantom including 50 carrier landings. Discharged from the Navy and beginning a general surgery residency at the University of Missouri in 1968, Dr. Keill was chief resident 1971-72. He moved to Petaluma, CA in 1972 and began a practice of general and vascular surgery. He became certified by the American Board of Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Keill was on the board of directors of a nonprofit HMO leading to an interest in the more global aspects of healthcare. He began taking business classes at Cal State Sonoma in 1989.

Dr. Keill maintained his practice for 22 years. For 8 years was also Medical Director of a Hospice. He has been a resident of Monterey County since January 1994 and a member of First Presbyterian Church of Monterey since 1997 and Monterey Rotary Club since 2002. Dr. Keill is married to Helen who is retired from hotel management.


John Mascali
October 2012

John Mascali is a retired Naval Reserve Captain with over 41 years of flying experience. He started flying in 1959 after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy and ended his career in 2000 retiring as a commercial pilot with Pan American World Airways and Delta Airlines. He credits his long career on the adage that "there are old pilots and there are bold pilots but there are no old bold pilots." His career in the Navy extended over 35 years and included tours at Moffett Field Naval Air Station as Commanding Officer of VP 2920, Patrol Squadron 91 and VTU 8087. John has lived in Saratoga for over 40 years with his wife Diana who he's been married to for over 50 years. He currently serves on the Moffet Field Historical Society's Board as Director of Development. He is also a member of the Navy League, Sons of the American Revolution, The Quiet Birdman, and several other local organizations. His presentation is "History of Moffett Field."

John will trace the 75 year history from its beginning in 1930 when Mrs. Laura Whipple of Niles lead a campaign to purchase more than 1000 acres of farmland in Sunnyvale and Mountain View for $476,000, then sold it to the Navy for $1. John will share pictures and stories of the construction of Hanger One, the rigid dirigible USS Macon, the many different squadrons and aircraft that have flown out of Moffett Field, in addition to some of the history of NASA Ames.


Johan Jongens
August 2012

Our own Johan Jongens has graciously requested to continue telling of the journey that he experienced from the time he left the country of Sumatra and returning to Holland then to Seattle Washington to Crocket California and finally to Salinas and the Spreckels Sugar Factory.


Michael Ipson
July 2012

Michael Ipson, who served as China Country Manager for International Finance Corporation, the private investment arm of the World Bank Group from 2007 to the beginning of 2010, will discuss China's economic reforms and analyze the challenges China faces as it addresses unequal development, environmental problems, a weak global economy and inflationary pressures. He will also discuss the forthcoming change of leadership and the dramatic removal of a senior Chinese leader.

Mr. Ipson will draw on his long experience as a commercial banker in China. He first went to Hong Kong in 1966 as a University of California exchange student. After extensive study of Chinese history at Stanford and Harvard, he joined Chemical Bank, and was posted to Hong Kong, and served as Chief Representative in Beijing from 1986 to 1988. He then worked for a retail bank in Hong Kong before joining IFC in 2005. He currently serves as a director of Bank of Beijing, Jiangsu Leasing Company based in Nanjing and Vietinbank, one of the largest banks in Vietnam.


Cathy Martin Silvey
May 2012

Cathy Martin Silvey was born and raised in Salinas and is very passionate about her hometown and surrounding area. She attended Notre Dame High School, Hartnell Junior College and San Jose State University. She lives in Prunedale with her husband, 15 year old daughter and a menagerie of animals. She was an insurance agent before going to work at the Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber position thrust her into the hospitality industry and the rest is history.


Norm Hoffmann
April 2012

Norm Hoffmann, Chief Meteorologist for KION/KCBA graduated from San Jose State University with a Degree in Meteorology. After graduation he went into the USAF where he served as a Weather Officer for 3 1/2 years at Yokota AFB in Tokyo Japan. After separation, Norm worked for the National Environmental Satellite Service for 6 years as a Satellite Analyst in Washington DC and Redwood City California. In 1978 he was selected for a forecaster position in the National Weather Service as a Weather Forecaster in Redwood City. He did marine, aviation and public forecasting as well as issued warnings for Northern and Central California. He did hurricane forecasting for the Eastern Pacific as well. In 1985 Norm and his family moved to Phoenix Arizona where he was the Deputy Meteorologist-in-Charge for the State of Arizona. He was responsible for fire weather, agricultural, aviation and public forecasts for the State. Norm received his Masters Degree in 1988. In 1991 Norm was selected the Area Manager for northern and central California. He was responsible for all aviation, fire weather, agricultural and public forecasts and warnings over 8 offices and 120 employees for northern and central California. In 1994 he relocated from the office from Redwood City to Monterey where he worked until he retired from the National Weather Service in 2002. He has worked as a Meteorologist at KION/KCBA since May of 2002.


Dr. Gerald“Jerry” Dieter Griffin, MD, Pharm.D
March 2012

Jerry spent too many years in school as evidenced by his children asking, "'Dad,why can't you find and keep a job?" He also spent too many years in the US Army (41 1/2) mostly as an ER/trauma doc, retiring finally at the end of 2005 as a Brigadier General, Medical Corps, US Army. A win-win for all concerned, especially for his ever suffering wife of 45 years. Dr. Griffin has practiced locally on and off, in Salinas and Monterey between Army tours. He currently enjoys his "retirement" by doing research for two biotech start-ups in immunology, trauma and infections from these events. He is also Medical Director for Heartland Hospice in Monterey. Jerry is on a NATO science advisory committee and travels/lectures frequently in a NATO partner country. He is also on a bunch of boards, and enjoys sitting on his front porch in Pacific Grove, drinking wine, smoking cigars and yelling at the tourists who speed down his street. Life is good!!

Irv Bender
February 2012

Our very own Irv Bender will again be our featured speaker. There were many requests for Irv to come back and finish his presentation of last August.


Robert Leyman
January 2012

Robert Leyman began his career with the California Highway Patrol in January of 2004, entering the CHP Academy in West Sacramento. After 27 weeks of torture, he graduated and was assigned to the Monterey Area Office (located in Salinas), where he has remained since. Throughout his short tenure here he has been assigned a variety of duties, including: road patrol, school bus safety officer, rotation tow program coordinator, coordinator for area Child Passenger Safety Seat program and most recently have been acting as the Public Information Officer. He is not originally from the Salinas area, growing up in Woodland, California, just north of Sacramento, but has since taken up roots in the Salinas Valley with his family, where he plans to remain.


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