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Chief Adele H. Fresé
November 2018

Chief Fresé joined the Salinas Police Department in 2016.


Scott Miller
August 2018

Scott will discuss his historical collection of California license plates.


Steven McCaffrey
July 2018

Steve McCaffrey is the Division Manager for Recycling with Republic Services. He is a UC Berkeley graduate with 19 years in waste recycling management. Steve's expertise is in recycling and collection, economic issues pertaining to sorting, and marketing and reuse. He will be joined by recycling specialist Christine Urquides.


Ed Durkee
May 2018

Edward Durke is President and CEO of Goodwill Central Coast. He is a lifelong advocate for social justice and economic inclusion.With extensive experience in workforce and community development, Ed views his work as a way to create economic opportunity for people who wouldn't otherwise have it. His diverse background includes administering the Workforce Investment Act for the State of indiana, creating affordable housing as the president of a community development corporation in Indianapolis, and creating Prosperity Centers in both Oregon and California. Ed has worked with four Goodwill affiliates over the last 15 years, including Indianapolis, Indiana, Eugene, Oregon, and Sacramento, California, where he created innovated platforms that help families achieve financial stability. He is now the President and CEO of Goodwill Central Coast.


Hon. Joe Gunter
April 2018

Joe Gunter was elected mayor in November 2012.


Ed Moncrief
March 2018

Ed Moncrief is the author of “Raising the Blackbirds.”


Oscar Loza
February 2018

Oscar Loza is the Public Information Officer for the Costal Division (Monterey area) of the California Highway Patrol. He was born and raised in Fresno, California. After high school, Oscar enlisted the the U.S. Army, serving five years. He was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, South Korea, and Fort Benning, Georgia. He then enlisted in the California Army National Guard, where he is currently serving at the rank of Staff Sergeant. While with the National Guard Oscar deployed to Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. After his first deployment with the National Guard he applied for the CHP. Oscar graduated from the CHP Academy in December 2009. He's been the Public Information Officer for the past 2 1/2 years.

Officer Loza will speak on the impacts aging and driving. Although driving abilities vary widely, seniors need to know that gradual effects on their vision, flexibility, and response times may compromise safety and eventually require them to stop driving. Additionally, research shows that seniors involved in crashes tend to be more vulnerable than younger people, meaning they can suffer more severe injuries. Crash prevention and in-vehicle occupant protection become urgent needs for seniors. Oscar will also talk about some of the new laws and answer questions and concerns.


Jill Allen
January 2018

In the last twenty four years, Jill Allen has provided management services to the public benefit sector, specializing fund development, program management, administrative development, public relations, and strategic planning.

Jill is currently the executive director for Dorothy's Place, whose programs include Dorothy's Kitchen, Drop-In Center, Women Alive Emergency Shelter, House of Peace Transitional Residence and the Chinatown Health Services Center. She started with Dorothy's Place in 2006 as a development consultant and began her service as executive director in 2014.

Prior to her experience in the public benefit sector, Jill devoted fourteen years to active duty service in the United States Air Force. Jill retired from the Air National Guard in November 2015.


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